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The business of CINI TAL-MIJA began with the unique initiative of the late CARMELO CINI TAL-MIJA in the early 50’s in Gozo, Malta.

Carmelo the father of Joe Cini the actual Managing Director of the business of Cini Tal-Mija, was an enterprising and born businessman. He began everything from scratch by breeding some pigs.

Later on in the early 70’s he realised that the market was leaning in a new direction and so he changed the direction of his business by rearing poultry for himself, whilst also encouraging other local farmers to get involved in the poultry sector. All work, was done by hand. One can say that the late Carmelo Cini, was a pioneer in this sector.

It was during this time, that Joe Cini, started to supply butchers, hotels and restaurants with frozen meat. Two years after starting his own business, Joe Cini took over his father’s poultry business. Joe Cini changed radically, the way the poultry business was done, by investing in a new and bigger slaughter house.

We can humbly say that all today’s business of CINI TAL-MIJA, is the sacrifice and hard work of the late Carmelo Cini. But to this, one has to add the inventiveness, courage and renewal of the actual Managing Director Joe Cini, aka Tal-Mija who, was able to adapt his business to today’s needs, especially to the changes which resulted from Malta becoming a member of the European Union.

With the help of his sons Celestino Cini and Roseanne Cini, Joe Cini could further expand the business, which apart from the wholesale sector, today it is also able to cater for the retail sector by investing into a local shop offering a wide range of meat, poultry, and all kinds of fresh and frozen foods.



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